ContentWise Embraces TV Experience Personalisation with Total UX Automation

ContentWise showcased the latest upgrades to its personalisation software, enabling client UI control from a centralised system.

ContentWise announced the significant steps it has taken to achieve complete personalisation of the viewing experience for operators.  The  software provides broadcast, cable, satellite, IPTV OTT and video streaming operators with total control over the curation and automation of the TV experience.

ContentWise Screens

ContentWise Screens

The ContentWise on-booth demonstrations included new features, including: Real time onboarding of new users with personalised discovery options; control of the UI elements and composition at the device, screen, carousel and slot level; personalized discovery across browsing and search; curation tools, business rules and A/B testing providing total control to marketers and content programmers; and analytics including critical KPI with tracks user activity, financials, engagement and recommendation effectiveness metrics.

Alongside the debut of the next-generation ContentWise platform, Pancrazio Auteri was a panel member at the Content Everywhere Hub Panel entitled “Customisation of Content and Personalisation of Experience in OTT”. The panel focused on how the customization and personalisation of content and the user experience are the keys that all content distributors need to master.

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