VSN to Display New Solutions and Functionalities at IBC 2016

VSN has announced the showcasing of their new workflow management solutions, including the VSNEXPLORER family, at IBC 2016.

VSN will have the VSNEXPLORER family on display. It is composed by VSNEXPLORER PAM, focused on production and postproduction; VSNEXPLORER MAM, with all the necessary tools for the complete management of the whole media lifecycle, such as advanced cataloguing; VSNEXPLORER BPM, which adds an orchestration layer for defining business process management workflows, and VSNEXPLORER BI, advanced Business Intelligence layer.

News Production VSN Terminal 2

News Production VSN Terminal 2

The advanced solution of Media and Business Process Management allows the management of all production, media and content, business workflows and analytics thanks to its PAM, MAM, BPM and BI modules.

VSN’s News Production solution covers the whole newsroom workflow in an easy and uniform environment. The solution is composed of VSNNEWS — designed to guarantee an agile and safe workflow for the production of news and TV programs; VSNLIVECOM — MOS compatible and fully integrated with VSNNEWS and other third party NRCS systems; VSNLIVELOGGER — for fast cataloguing of media in sports production and other live events, allowing the operator to quickly add timecode referenced metadata to a video file while it is being ingested; and Ingest Modules — which guarantee reliable content ingest from any available source, also ensuring journalists can receive all the text and video agency feeds in real time.



VSNMULTICOM guarantees the MCR automation in both single channel environments and big playout centers alike.

Other VSN IBC news includes the VSNEXPLORER, which provides a Workflows Viewer module with fully responsive and accessible control from any given screen or device and now integrated with Thesaurus online. State-of-the-art integration between VSNEXPLORER and Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform have fostered a MAM solution in Cloud environments. VSNEXPLORER now enables users to create host lists and finish editing in Avid Media Composer, all thanks to integration with Avid EDLs.

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