Pebble Beach Systems and Tedial Partner to Launch Multiverse at IBC 2016

Pebble Beach Systems and Tedial join forces to introduce Multiverse, a best-of-breed MAM and Playout ecosystem to solve linear and non-linear content distribution challenges and enable fast turnaround for VOD content.

Automation, content management and integrated channel specialist Pebble Beach Systems Pebble Beach Systems, and Tedial, provider of media and content management solutions, have announced a new technology partnership. Together, the two companies have developed a new product called Multiverse that is designed to create a seamless workflow between a broadcaster's Media Asset Management (MAM) and playout systems, efficiently solving distribution challenges for linear and non-linear channels.

Available from both Pebble Beach Systems and Tedial, the new solution will be unveiled at IBC and showcased on the Pebble Beach Systems stand 8.C71.

Multiverse closely integrates the MAM capabilities and linear playout systems to provide a flexible cross-platform media preparation and delivery solution. Because it processes media once for all platforms, Multiverse unifies and speeds up on-demand and linear content workflows, and significantly reduces operational costs by automating everyday tasks.

Multiverse provides a comprehensive integration between MAM and Automation, which streamlines workflows such as delivery of live events to VOD services in the shortest possible time after being aired. For media asset versioning and replacement workflows, different versions of media assets for playout can be created and automatically added to Tedial. This then triggers Marina to delete the old media from its playlist and transfer the new asset to playout, all without human intervention.

"We understand how customers need to adapt their systems to ensure efficient media preparation for both linear and non-linear delivery. By leveraging the proven integration between Pebble and Tedial and defining specific workflows, we believe Multiverse provides broadcasters with a no compromise solution," says Tom Gittins, CEO Pebble Beach Systems.

“’TV everywhere’ is a reality and has completely altered the viewing landscape. To ensure success in this new multi-platform, multi-format world there are challenges that media companies must overcome,” explains Esther Mesas, Tedial’s Chief Sales & Marketing Officer. “Multiverse answers these challenges, delivering a comprehensive and secure solution for cross-platform media preparation and delivery. We’re very excited to demonstrate Multiverse at IBC 2016, highlighting its unparalleled capabilities and scalability to fully maximize monetization of content, distributing across all formats and platforms.”

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