Anyware Video Bringing 4K Solutions to IBC 2016

An innovative full IP-4K Channel in a Box (CiaB) playout solution will be presented at IBC 2016 by Anyware Video.

Anyware Video returns to this year's IBC with products tested and rolled out at leading broadcasting facilities across all the continents. Over the past year, the Marseille-based company has earned the trust of major players in the broadcast industry.

Alongside its international business development, Anyware Video continues to optimize its innovative solutions. After last year's introduction of the all-in-one "Channel-in-a-Box OneGenie4K", it is today in operational use among several operators and broadcasters. Now with Ultra HD, Full IP and MPEG-DASH integrated into Anyware Video’s ingest and playout products, the solution offers its clients further reactivity, adaptability and flexibility.

Anyware Video's first broadcast solution in 4K and web client fully automated, with dynamic on air graphics, has been on air since April on the Ultra Nature Channel (AB Group) broadcast in the Orange TV Package. Operated by Ericsson, the technical architecture we implemented was defined in close cooperation with the latter and the AB group in the month of October 2015. It is also on the air at other stations and facilities worldwide, including some recent Rio Olympic broadcast coverage.

As for the support of Native TS streams and files in ingest and playout solutions, it gives Anyware Video’s products a real technological edge in the field of total virtualization. The ad insertion and playlist editor tool, now available through our web client interface, makes it even easier for users to manage content to be broadcasted according to specific contractual conditions, by enabling dynamic playlist creation that combines media and commercial breaks.

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