Media Links To Launch 4K IP Quick-Start Packages at IBC 2016

Media Links announced the launch of 4K IP Quick Start Packages for the EMEA region at IBC 2016 with the goal of helping introduce broadcasters to the benefits of moving content over IP in a cost effective and flexible way.

Media Links’ 4K IP Quick Start packages enable customers to take advantage of direct fibre or existing ethernet networks by using Media Links’ technology to compress 4K, HD or SD signals into a MPEG2 transport stream for visually lossless video and audio with minimal latency between source and destination.

Low cost quick-start 1x4K packages are an entry level transport system capable of transporting 1x 4K-SDI stream at up to 1Gbp/s. Trunk, power supply, and redundancy is available on request. Packages can be scaled up to 5x4K streams and tailored to match requirements.

The ‘off the peg‘ yet tailored solutions enable quick and effective entry into the world of video, audio and data over IP transport by allowing broadcasters to move content between facilities. They also have the potential to set broadcasters on the path to remote production over IP.

“For broadcasters considering unlocking the advantages of moving high value media content either over a local IP network or a wide area network, our 4K IP quick-start packages are the ideal solution. They can be configured to particular specifications and are designed for flexible, cost effective deployment.  If required, upgrades can provide our hitless redundancy for mission critical signals to use an alternative fibre path in the event of failure to ensure the stream is recovered without interruption.”
— John Smith, Managing Director, Media Links

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