Industry Support Grows For Viaccess-Orca Cardless Conditional Access System

Collaborating with leading technology providers, Viaccess-Orca is offering its customers a best-in-class cardless security platform that addresses the pay-TV market’s most pressing needs. The Paris, France-based company is a provider of content protection and enhancement services that has announced that its Dynamic Sentinel cardless conditional access system (CAS) will be embedded on certified set-top boxes (STBs) from Askey Computer Corporation and ASTON, as well as conditional access modules (CAMs) from SMiT.

Viaccess-Orca will showcase Dynamic Sentinel integration with Askey, ASTON, and SMiT STBs and CAM at IBC2014 (stand #1.A51).

Viaccess-Orca's Dynamic Sentinel CAS offers ultimate content protection through advanced security capabilities such as content redistribution management, cardless agent management, and extended STB security. Featuring a scalable, pay-as-you-grow architecture, Dynamic Sentinel can handle millions of subscribers, adapting to operators' growing needs. By supporting a wide variety of business models, including subscription-based, prepaid, and pay-per-view, Dynamic Sentinel helps grow operators' revenue streams.

Cooperating with Askey, a leading STB supplier, Dynamic Sentinel will be embedded and certified on Askey's HD PVR STB platform. Based on MStar's MSD5043 processor, the Askey HD STB features an easy-to-use user interface, providing viewers with a superior entertainment experience. The HD STB includes PVR functionality, a seven-day EPG, parental control, and DVB subtitling.

Dynamic Sentinel will be embedded on ASTON's MAYA HD HbbTV STB platform. Based on a sleek, compact, and cost-effective design, the MAYA HD platform brings all of the benefits of HbbTV services to operators by supporting both broadcast and broadband access. MAYA HD is available in satellite, terrestrial, and cable versions.

Partnering with SMiT, a leading provider of CAMs, Viaccess-Orca helps enable the delivery of premium content to digital TVs without the need for a STB. SMiT's CAMs are custom designed to meet the strict security requirements of a CAS, such as Dynamic Sentinel, and the varied user-interface and compliance requirements of pay-TV operators. The advanced CAM is compliant with CI Plus 1.3, and provides time-shifting and HbbTV functionalities.

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