Canadian OTT Provider shomi Selects ThinkAnalytics To Provide Personalized Search

ThinkAnalytics announced that its recommendations engine has been selected by Canadian SVOD provider, shomi, a joint venture between Rogers Communications and Shaw Media. shomi believes the combination of an elegant user interface and personalized recommendations will distance it from rivals in the fast-growing Canadian OTT sector.

The SVOD provider, shomi, offers customers both hand-picked and human-curated content using  a team of entertainment experts behind every series or film added to the service. Building off the human touch, shomi will now enhance the precision of its recommendations with ThinkAnalytics.

The ThinkAnalytics recommendations engine is now live on tablet, mobile, PC/Mac, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PS4. shomi currently offers a library of some 19,000 television and movie titles and relies on ThinkAnalytics’ solution to create a personalized guide to that content.

The search and recommendations engine integrates subscribers’ behavior and previous viewing preferences with personalized recommendations.The “you will love,” “you may like,” and “more where that came from” recommendations incorporate editorial influences, mood-based analysis, and results from multiple use cases, such as binge viewing. The service supports both English and Canadian French.

“By taking advantage of ThinkAnalytics’ tools that continually measure and analyze the underlying data generated by the engine, shomi can enhance the accuracy of its recommendations on an ongoing basis,” said Peter Docherty, Founder and Chief Technology Officer, ThinkAnalytics. “With the power to understand and anticipate subscribers’ needs, shomi now has a powerful weapon to meet its ambitious growth targets in the competitive OTT space.”

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