BFE Announces New ‘KSC CORE’ Monitor & Control at IBC2016

BFE has developed the KSC broadcast control and monitoring system to help avoid production problems and on-air mistakes. The KSC Commander gives users a standardised, manufacturer-independent user interface for a variety of systems, such as routers, and multiviewers.

BFE's KSC CORE product line will be showcased at IBC. The focus will be on how it can support users in the transition to Audio-Video-over-IP. The MCR Control System of the future with Advanced Signal Format Management and Automatic Audio Track Exchange will also be on display at IBC.

The KSC CORE product line consists of seven core modules, the KSC Pilot+, KSC Manager, KSC SILKNET Manager, KSC Control Panels, KSC iCommander, and KSC CodecControl.

  • The KSC Pilot+ provides the operator with a direct connection processing interface - Circuit Manager – for dynamic adaptation of signal path connections into complex signal flow diagrams.
  • KSC Manager reduces the complex switching operations performed in a master control room to predictable events managed by a pool of devices, in addition to monitoring tasks.
  • KSC SILKNET Manager is the latest addition to the KSC product line and is mainly used to control contribution networks.
  • KSC Control Panels: The control panels are equipped with newly developed and configurable LCD keys and have an optional incremental encoder for level adjustment. Based on the switching of router cross points, these control panels are now used universally in all places where manual switching with a direct access must be performed quickly.
  • KSC iCommander Virtual control panels (GUI) are the most flexible manual switching option within a KSC system. These control panels are available to the operator in any number and style. In a similar way to the hardware control panel, the virtual keys can be freely configured and associated with features.
  • KSC CodecControl is an optional feature package for KSC Manager and KSC Pilot+ systems for the joint integrated control of all linked audio codecs. It provides event-based, timed equipment scheduling and the setting and storing of all relevant device parameters.

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