Marquis to Debut Multi-Vendor Edit Bridge at IBC 2016

Marquis Broadcast has announced that Edit Bridge, its award winning integration application for Adobe Premiere Pro CC and Avid Interplay will be on show at IBC 2016.

Marqis Broadcast's Edit Bridge offers an innovative solution to allow competing manufacturers’ products to work together. Providing the same connection into Avid Interplay for non-Adobe specific workflows, it allows content to be discoverable and editable in other applications.

Edit Bridge’s new capabilities enable it to interface with multi-vendor systems such as Apple, Final Cut Pro X, and Grass Valley Edius. These features will be demonstrated for the first time in Europe, at the upcoming IBC.

Users can search Avid Interplay from within a Marquis client window or from within a panel in the Adobe Premiere Pro CC or After Effects interface, view thumbnails, find media and select for editing. Content can be dragged and dropped from the client window into other applications such as Grass Valley Edius or Apple Final Cut Pro X. Edit Bridge also enables content to be sent back from Adobe Premiere Pro CC to Avid, ready for further editing by other applications as required.

Edit Bridge has been designed to support both Windows and Mac platforms.

“We have also updated the user interface which means editors can now source content from Interplay by browsing and searching within the panel even more easily, before triggering a drag and drop import into the chosen application.  Editors working with multi-vendor systems now have the power to browse, move and therefore edit content more easily. This is particularly relevant for production houses wishing to use Avid ISIS and Interplay PAM but a solution from a different vendor for editing or graphics. We are looking forward to demonstrating the full capabilities of Edit Bridge at IBC.”
— Chris Steele, managing director, Marquis Broadcast

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