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Sony’s Offers Low-Cost HD LCD Monitor

In an effort to stem the tide of professionals buying consumer-grade monitors for their studios due to cost, Sony now offers a 17-inch Full HD (1920 x 1080) monitor with HDMI, composite and two SDI inputs. And it costs a mere $1,700.00US. A full complement of features includes a waveform monitor, vectorscope, audio meters, markers, time code and tally, all housed in an ultra-slim chassis.

The lightweight and slim Sony LMD-B Series monitor offers similar mass and power consumption as Sony’s existing 15-inch models, as well as a 24 percent reduction in depth. The LMD-B Series also offers the same user-interface design and operability as the company’s PVM-A Series OLED and LMD-A Series Premium LCD picture monitors.

Sony said this consistency between the PVM-A, LMD-A and LMD-B Series makes it easy for users to work with all three monitors and integrate them in the same work environment. The LMD-B Series monitors are designed for a wide range of professional applications, including DC operation and wall-mounting. In addition, the LMD-B170 includes a natural ventilation system so there’s no audio disruption from an internal cooling fan. This makes the monitor highly suitable for all types of video shooting environments and critical audio operations.

The new monitor will be on display on Sony’s IBC stand (13.A10). 

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