Sencore To Showcase IRDs And Monitoring At IBC 2016

Sencore|Wellwav to showcase HEVC & 4K video delivery and monitoring solutions at IBC 2016.

Sencore will demonstrate a breath of its product line at IBC. Among the highlights:

  • AG 9000 High Quality HEVC and 4K video delivery and monitoring card. The AG 9000 is a 4K Ultra HEVC dense monitoring decoder car that provides HEVC 4k decoding for monitoring real-time linear distribution video feeds. With up to 18 channels of decoding in a 2RU openGear 3.0 frame, the modular solution is ideal for typically tight NOC and video wall situations. Delivering either full resolution, 2160p, HDR output via HDMI 2.0, 12G-SDI or Quad 3G-SDI, it decodes video services up to 70 Mbps.
  • MRD 4400/MRD5800 MPEG2/H.264/HEVC triple CODEC receiver decoder cards. These IRDs support HEVC Main & Main 10 profiles, including: 4:2:2/4:2:0, 10-bit/8-bit, and HD/SD formats up to 1080p. As a full-featured offering with support for ASI, MPEG/IP, DVB-C/C2/T/T2/ISDB-T, or Satellite inputs, DVB-CI and BISS descrambling options and new features like DVB Teletext subtitle overlay and logo/slate insertion.
  • DMP900 HEVC encoder module (Wellav EN5-SDI).The EN5-SDI module for the Wellav media platform is the most cost-effective, dense, chip-based HEVC encoder for program distribution. Taking input from either quad 3G-SDI or HDMI, the DMP 900 can encode up to 20xHD or 5x4K programs in a single 1RU chassis.
  • TXS 8700 virtualized real-time OTT transcoder/encoder. This allows an operator to take existing live services and prepare them for MPEG2, H.264 or H.265/HEVC OTT distribution. Support for all streaming distribution formats, including HLS, HDS, RTMP, and MPEG-DASH, alongside built-in publishing protocols for major CDNs makes installation and setup simple. Support for HDR, and HEVC 4K 60 FPS live encoding are also supported. Field-upgradable software and licenses allow the platforms to stay current with the latest protocols and technologies and scale up to meet growing demand.
  • AG 2600/AG 4400/ G5800 dense decoder cards. Each card serves its own web-GUI interface while the “Dashboard” view makes it easy to manage hundreds of cards. A 2RU AtlasGear frame with dual hot-swap power supplies can hold up to 10 independent channels of MPEG-TS processing and 4:2:2/4:2:0 A/V decoding with support for ASI, MPEG/IP, Satellite and RF inputs with DVB-CI and BISS descrambling options. The AG platform is the perfect solution for quad-3G applications as well, decoding up to 2 separate services and providing 4x3G-SDI outputs.

Sencore|Wellav will exhibit at IBC 2016 in stand 1.F76

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