Tektronix Provides QCloud Automated QC Platform to Japan Business Systems

Tektronix announced that Japan Business Systems has launched a cloud-based automated video quality assurance service based on the Tektronix QCloud platform. The new Cloud VIDEO POST service allows broadcasters and video content creators and providers to add comprehensive quality control (QC) of file-based content to their workflow with minimal upfront cost and unlimited scalability.

As the volume of file-based content grows, companies involved with video content creation and distribution face a significant challenge to ensure quality of content ingested from different sources at different bit rates and using different compression standards. Using services such as Cloud VIDEO POST, QC teams can ensure the integrity, compliance and quality of their media and easily share content and collaborate across teams or with partners.

“Ensuring the quality of file-based video content requires significant IT expertise to set up servers and maintain performance and availability,” said Kazuhiko Yamakura, Assistant Manager, Media Sector System Infrastructure Department, Japan Business Systems. “The Cloud VIDEO POST service fits well with our core areas of expertise as a leading provider of cloud-based IT services. Tektronix has proven to be an excellent partner and we’re confident this service will gain wide acceptance.”

Unlike on premise solutions that require up front investments in hardware and infrastructure, cloud-based services offer easy set-up and no up-front costs along with affordable usage-based pricing. Other advantages include scalability to handle the needs of any workflow, stable operation and high availability.

“Validation is vital to ensuring the quality and correctness of media files so subscribers receive the best quality of experience possible,” said Charlie Dunn, general manager, Video Test Product Line, Tektronix. “With our QCloud platform and services such as those that are now available in Japan through JBS, we’re breaking down the barriers to file-based content QC. It’s never been easier to add automated QC to any video workflow.”

Tektronix will be demonstrating its automated testing platform in stand 10.D41 at IBC 2016

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