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SGL to Unveil New Flashnet Features at IBC 2016

At IBC, SGL will demonstrate the latest version of its FlashNet archive, which now supports reading and restoring from SMPTE’s Archive eXchange Format (AXF).

SGL said FlashNet can read and process AXF objects providing greater flexibility for customers, ensuring long term availability of content in the future – regardless of technology evolution.

The company is also highlighting at IBC its support for Ci, Sony’s cloud-based service, which allows users to collaborate on the creation and sharing of high quality, high resolution content.

The SGL integration with Ci means that media companies can transfer material directly to the cloud from their MAM system using SGL FlashNet. SGL also supports Amazon S3 via Aspera and ExpeDat Gateway.

SGL FlashNet Dashboard

SGL FlashNet Dashboard

The new version of FlashNet also allows users to allocate a pre-defined number of drives within their library for a specific role, such as archiving Avid jobs only, or restoring/archiving material at a certain time of day. This enables larger broadcasters with multiple drives to improve operational procedures.

SGL is also launching its entry-level archive solution FlashNet Lite during IBC. FlashNet Lite includes SGL’s new elegant user interface FlashNet Infinity.

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