Matthew’s New CAM Tank at IBC 2016

Matthews Studio Equipment, a maker of support equipment for the entertainment industry, will feature its new CAM Tank camera support for low level shots at IBC.

Matthews said low point-of-view shots are easy with CAM Tank, which allows users to pan and tilt the camera while it is mounted in a low position. The device avoids struggling with a camera resting on a sandbag, which often negates the operator’s ability to pan or tilt.

CAM Tank is also useful for Dutch angles when mounted to a fluid head or shots designed to be pointed straight down off a fluid head or jib.

The CAM Tank gets the filmmaker a good 12-inches lower than a fluid head without sacrificing control. There are a series of 3/8-16 holes vertical and horizontal on the base. CAM Tank can also be mounted onto another head to create a Dutch shot or a partial third axis.

CAM Tank is made of anodized aluminum and features roller bearings for extreme precision. Rubber non-skid feet provide an extra amount of safety and stability.

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