PlayBox Technology EU EXEcutes First IBC Showing

This year marks the first appearance of PlayBox Technology EU at the IBC, with the Bulgaria-based manufacturer and systems integrator launching a range of broadcast servers. The EXEcutor series was designed in collaboration with broadcasters and production and post-production facilities to offer a variety of features suited to television playout.

PlayBox Technology EU (PBT EU) has designed the EXEcutor to be either a full 'TV channel-in-a-box' system or a configurable device that can combine any of the features from the PlayBox software program. This means operators are able to tailor the playout server to match their mode of working, from streaming and hybrid production chains to cloud services both private and public.

EXEcutor is able to run at a variety of resolutions, from SD at one end of the scale to 4k at the other. The servers are also able to interconnect with a large number of different routers, with functions triggered from LTC timecode or GPI (general purpose interface) units. Complementing the server is another new product, the EXEcutor Virtual Control Panel (EVCP). This web-based device can work across platforms, controlling all features of the main EXEcutor system remotely.

PBT EU general manager Vladimir Stanic

PBT EU general manager Vladimir Stanic

PBT EU is part of the PlayBox Group and distributes the full range of products, including AirBox, Channel-in-a-Box and Multi Playout Manager. Digital Media Technologies OOD, which owns the brand names and intellectual property of the PlayBox systems, announced in last year that it had licensed all its software and associated data to two licensee companies - PlayBox Technology Ltd and ATHENSA - for all distribution, reproduction and sales.

PBT EU is currently working with ATHENSA. As well as the PlayBox range and its own products, PBT EU is worldwide distributor for the Profuz Digital LAPIS (Limitless Advanced Powerful Intelligent System). This will be introduced to the broadcast market during IBC, with demonstrations of its project and workflow management capabilities.

Commenting on PBT EU's presence at IBC, general manager Vladimir Stanic said, "We are immensely proud to showcase PBT EU's own brand of EXEcutor products at IBC 2016. Having a visible presence on our own stand this year gives us the exposure to enhance our expertise and these unique services capabilities to a much wider audience than before."

Also on the stand will be products from CSE and SPI Labs.

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