NEP Switzerland Rolls Out The Country’s First New 4K Truck

System integrator Broadcast Solutions GmbH in Bingen, Germany, has delivered a new 4K/UHD-compatible live production truck to mobile production company NEP Switzerland. It’s the country’s first 4K OB Van.

The new 14m production vehicle, named Ultra HD-41, is a Streamline S12 model that offers space for up to 20 operators and carries 12 4K cameras, which is sufficient for all types of live projects. It already has been used to cover the Swiss Football Raiffeisen Super League in 4K, which started in July. For the customer, NEP Switzerland, the short delivery time and the flexibility in terms of workplaces, audio equipment and overall design were key to trust in Broadcast Solutions.

Trond Hermansen, CTO NEP Switzerland, said delivery time was an important factor, because they had less than six months to design, build and test the new OB van.

The truck's production area includes an 8 M/E Grass Valley Karrera K-Frame production switcher with a 3 M/E panel 96HD, HD 3G, 24 UHD Inputs x 48 HD 3G out for a total of 12 UHD outputs. All video signals are displayed on NEC UHD monitors with Imagine Communications Platinum SX Pro 144x21 multiviewers. Signal distribution is handled with an onboard 256x238 Imagine Platinum router and a Riedel MicroN Audio-Video Core Processing System, which is designed to accommodate future IP-workflows. The OB van also includes four EVS XT4K servers, an EVS Epsio Paint and one EVS File3 server.

Streamline OB Vans are a family of pre-engineered OB Vans that come in five different versions, all available in 4K.

Streamline OB Vans are a family of pre-engineered OB Vans that come in five different versions, all available in 4K.

The truck’s audio mixing area includes a Lawo mc2 56 console with 48 faders and a Lawo Nova 73 compact 5120x5120 matrix. Also integrated are a Riedel Artist 128 x 128 intercom system and a VSM control system. A dozen Panasonic AKC-UC 3000 cameras were delivered with Canon lenses. The OB Van can switch to HD using up to 20 HD cameras. The onboard audio and video control rooms are equipped with Genelec 5.1 monitoring speakers.

Streamline OB Vans are a family of pre-engineered OB Vans that come in five different versions, all available in 4K. While the Streamline OB units are nearly “off-the-shelf” vehicles that offer significant price advantages and short delivery times, they are also equipped with the latest high-end technology and make use of innovative workspace design and technical flexibility. An on-board KVM system makes it easy to change the working positions for individual project requirements.

“The Streamline S12 4K is the next logical step for our Streamline OB Van family,” said Rainer Kampe, CTO at Broadcast Solutions. “We can build and deliver the 4K versions within the same short time frame and with the same cost advantages.”

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