Scenarist Announces Release of DTS:X Encoder Suite, and Updates for UHD and BD V5.8 Software

Scenarist’s focus at IBC 2016 will be the practical implementation of Scenarist UHD into the Scenarist BD workflow. They have announced new updates for their UHD and their BD V5.8, and the pending release of the DTS:X Encoder Suite.

Because the consumer adoption of Ultra HD Blu-ray is outpacing the Blu-ray Disc format adoption by a factor of 4:1, Scenarist’s engineering and product teams have collaborated with the Blu-ray Disc Association, major motion picture companies, technology partners, and Scenarist's Ultra HD Blu-ray focus group (UHDG) to create a new Ultra HD Blu-ray format.

Scenarist’s Ultra HD Blu-ray Format launch phase has been successfully completed, providing a new Ultra HD Blu-ray format.

At IBC 2016, Scenarist plans to discuss what is necessary for the successful use of Ultra HD Blu-ray, including: format updates, Blur-ray Disc to Ultra HD Blu-ray authoring workflow, 4K HDR video encoding with ATEME TITAN, menu and subtitle colour space handling with Scenarist Designer UHD, audio updates and immersive audio considerations, and updated security and watermarking discussion.

Scenarist UHD will now create the vast majority of the Ultra HD Blu-ray titles needed by the upcoming Holiday Season — estimated to be twice the amount of the 100+ Ultra HD Blu-ray titles available today.

Given the completion of the launch phase for Ultra HD Blu-ray, Scenarist UHD is announcing the adoption phase pricing. The system’s accessibility, proven ability, and new pricing facilitate the addition of Ultra HD Blu-ray authoring services to any facility. 

DTSX Encoder

DTSX Encoder

The BD V5.8 update brings functional and stability Updates for v5.7 users, plus new affordable support options, resolving some long-standing customer requests.

Some of the v5.8 features include: overall improvement in stability and performance, updated and modernised code libraries, improved audio trimming efficiency, and uxer error handling updates.

DTS has announced the pending release of the DTS:X Encoder Suite for the creation of immersive and interactive object-based audio streams. DTS:X delivers the ultimate in flexibility, immersion and interactivity to listeners of all forms of entertainment.

Successor to the DTS-HD Master Audio Suite, the DTS:X Encoder Suite delivers the ability to create both legacy DTS-HD and next-generation DTS:X audio bitstreams. Featuring both the DTS:X Encoder and DTS:X MediaPlayer, the DTS:X Encoder Suite combined with solutions from Scenarist enables both Blu-ray Disc and Ultra HD Blu-ray content creators with the tools needed to create powerful and exciting home entertainment experiences.

See the best of British technology and innovation at IBC 2016 in Amsterdam, supported by UK Trade & Investment (UKTI), in partnership with techUK management from export outreach specialists Tradefair. More information on these participating companies can be found at this The Broadcast Bridge link. Other UKTI-supported exhibitors can be found on pavilions located in prime locations in halls 5, 6, 7, 8 and 11 with the main GREAT Britain Pavilions in halls 5 and 8.

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