Veset to Present Nimbus Platform Redesign at IBC 2016

Veset has announced the launch of their updated Nimbus platform. Completely re-designed, the Nimbus platform now provides a versatile, powerful, fully cloud-based ingest, storage, and playout solution which includes provisions for live event management. Nimbus and other Veset products and services will be fully demonstrated at IBC.

Veset’s new Nimbus provides virtually unlimited possibilities for broadcasters to create, manage, or run test channels with no client-side hardware investment. This was made possible by leveraging the resources of Amazon Web Service’s S3 and EC2.

With the implementation of new self–service capabilities, Veset clients are able to launch new full-time channels in a matter of hours and quickly create part-time channels for special events. Eliminating the need for traditional client-side engineering support through use of a software-as-a-service approach, Nimbus reduces upfront investment along with direct and indirect operating costs.

“Having introduced the original Veset Nimbus in 2014, we are proud to feature a completely re-worked and improved SaaS version of the original product.”
— Igor Krol, Chief Executive Officer, Veset

Additionally, as Veset Nimbus runs in the AWS cloud, channels can be created, run, and maintained from any geographic location. The cloud playout incorporates key industry standards and workflow processes while enabling users to take full advantage of the agility and scalability of cloud technologies.

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