Imagine Communications Customers Make The Move To IP-based Live Production And Playout  

With more than 25 customers making the move to IP-based production and delivery since 2013, Imagine Communications is witnessing firsthand the power and flexibility the technology can bring. In total, Imagine Communications’ technology deployments now account for more than 50 IP-based channels and over 3,000 live production streams

Imagine Communications said it is spearheading the transition to next-generation architectures through the design and delivery of products and solutions built for hybrid SDI-IP and pure IP environments that facilitate the management, movement and monetization of media over commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) environments. The company's IP-based solutions stretch across its playout and networking portfolios and include the Platinum IP3 router, Selenio MCP, Versio playout, the EPIC Multiviewer and the Magellan SDN Orchestrator, the company's software-defined control system for hybrid SDI-IP environments.

''This important milestone marks how far we have come since unveiling our vision at IBC2013 for a software-based technology transformation of the media and entertainment industry,'' said Charlie Vogt, CEO of Imagine Communications. ''That vision is now reality. Our customers are increasingly recognizing that evolving business models, fueled by disruptive shifts in the way video is being consumed, require transformative change to gain the benefits of revenue growth, network flexibly, scale, cost-efficiency and a future-proof environment.''

Live production companies have been particularly aggressive in leveraging the benefits of next-generation technologies to expand the flexibility of their outside broadcast vehicles, accelerate the adoption of Ultra High Definition (UHD) and future proof their operations against the necessity of making wholesale infrastructure replacements with each introduction of new technologies and procedures. Imagine Communications has been at the center of this activity, publicly unveiling deployments in South America, North America and Europe in recent months.

The Selenio MCP is a modular solution that presents an all-new approach to networking and signal processing in this converging baseband/broadband arena.

The Selenio MCP is a modular solution that presents an all-new approach to networking and signal processing in this converging baseband/broadband arena.

The company also attributes its success to industry standards work that continues to advance the cooperation of multiple vendors towards a common goal.In December of 2015, Imagine Communications became a founding member of the Alliance for IP Media Solutions (AIMS), an industry organization dedicated to the widespread interoperability of IP-based solutions that deliver the same level of plug-and-play assurances as traditional broadcast equipment based on SDI.

In addition to customer deployments, Imagine Communications has been active in demonstrating the feasibility of environments based on COTS equipment, including both private and public clouds, for hosting the most demanding media operations. In addition to participating in multiple interoperability demonstrations, the company recently supplied IP-based solutions for the launch of an IP live training and education facility at Sony's Digital Motion Picture Centre Europe (DMPCE) at Pinewood Film Studios near London. The new IP Live studio is designed to provide hands-on familiarity with IP-based live production environments and further the advancement of IP in live settings through training and testing and by demonstrating multi-vendor interoperability.

''One of the biggest barriers to the adoption of next-generation architectures is overcoming the chasm of trust among broadcast engineers and other media professionals that IP-based solutions built on COTS equipment are ready for prime time,'' said Vogt.

Imagine Communications will exhibit its IP-based and cloud products and systems on stand 4.A01 at the IBC2016 Show in September. 

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