MAXON Announces New Release R16, New Partners

MAXON Computer, a developer of professional 3D software solutions for modeling, painting, animation and rendering, will highlight a number of new postproduction tools at the IBC 2014 Show (stand #7.H39), including its Cinema 4D R16 (R16), a new release of the company’s industry-leading 3D modeling, painting, animation and rendering solution. Highlights at the MAXON booth include the European debut of Cinema 4D R16 and new strategic partnerships with The Foundry, Side Effects and Next Limit.

Targeting the changing workflow needs of creative professionals working in broadcast, film, visualization and interactive media. Cinema 4D R16 sets new standards for quality in 3D production. Numerous workflow optimizations and features such as the PolyPen tool for comfortable modeling, a Motion Tracker for integrating 3D content in live footage as well as a Reflectance channel for multi-layered reflections ensure increased productivity and excellent results.

Also at its IBC exhibit stand, MAXON will host a range of 3D industry expert guest presenters—motion graphics, visual effects and visualization professionals—each day of the show, who will provide R16 technology demonstrations and share insights that showcase how Cinema 4D helped to streamline workflow and meet complex production challenges, and provide show attendees with valuable creative tips, techniques and inspiration. At IBC, MAXON will also host partner representatives at the booth from Side Effects Software, The Foundry and Next Limit that will offer insights into the latest developments and collaborations for Cinema 4D for enhanced artistic flexibility

The complete schedule with information about all presentations and speakers is available at MAXON’s IBC website.

During the IBC 2014 show, MAXON will be offering a live Web stream of all presentations at All videos will also be available in full length after the IBC at MAXON’s YouTube channel.

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