HHB Kits Out NEP’s UHD Truck With Audio Gear: Genelec, Wohler

HHB Communications has supplied NEP UK with audio systems for its new UHD OB unit, including Genelec, Wohler and Studio Technologies. Pacific is the first of four forthcoming UHD trucks for NEP UK, each of which will be similarly equipped.

Designed and built after a fire destroyed NEP UK’s Bracknell building and five trucks in November 2015, the new Pacific mobile has been equipped with a Genelec 5.1 system comprising of three 8351A SAM studio monitors, two 8330A SAM studio monitors and a 7060B studio subwoofer.

“We carried out some listening tests at HHB and settled on the 8351A SAM studio monitors. We felt they stood out head and shoulders above the Genelec 1030A studio monitors that we’d used before. Their manageable DSP means that we can deal with what can sometimes be a challenging acoustic environment using the GLM 2.0 software.”
— Neville Hooper, Deputy Head of Sound, NEP UK
The AMP1-16-M audio monitor provides 16 channels of monitoring plus displays the video input.

The AMP1-16-M audio monitor provides 16 channels of monitoring plus displays the video input.

HHB is also supplying 68 Wohler AMP1-16-M audio monitors to NEP. Each truck will have 15 audio monitors and the final eight audio monitors will be used in flyaway kits.

A large amount of other equipment is also going into these trucks, including the Studio Technologies Model 41 Interface and Model 47A Interface.

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