​Revamped X-keys Control For TriCaster

P. I. Engineering, manufacturers of X-keys computer input devices, has integrated X-keys buttons and controls in NewTek TriCaster for triggering assignable functions.

Previous versions required the end user or integrator to program the X-keys with a series of keystroke combinations, and be careful not to conflict with existing shortcuts. In this new release, TriCaster sees the X-keys as a unique USB HID device and maps keys and controls to functions without using keystrokes. Keys on the X-keys can be labeled individually to identify their functions. Users trigger actions from dedicated keys without having to search the screen or open multiple menus to find the feature they require.

“This will have the biggest impact with small venue solution providers,” says Dan Slider, marketing director, P.I. Engineering. “Integrators can now easily set up simple, straight forward control panels for a fraction of the cost of a traditional broadcast switcher. Control panels can be designed and clearly labeled so that even a volunteer can operate the program with confidence.”

The latest version of NewTek TriCaster Advanced Edition software supports the entire XK series of X-keys with models from four to 128 keys. The newest X-keys XKE-124 T-bar is recommended for most switching applications with 124 keys and a T-bar fader for real time transition control. Embedded analog controls such as an industry standard jog & shuttle control and a precision three axis joystick are also featured in this product line.

P.I. Engineering opened for business in 1993 with the Y-mouse Serial Dual Mouse Adapter. Y-mouse products evolved to keep pace with technology and, in 1997, it introduced the innovative X-keys devices.

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