Outsight to Debut Creamsource Plus LED Lighting at IBC 2016

Outsight will stage the European debut of its Creamsource Plus high-power, full spectrum soft light at IBC 2016.

Outsight said the Creamsource Plus range features a fourth-generation LED light engine, offering greater than 90 CRI/TLCI. The versatility of the panel PAR provides a spot function that can be softened with traditional techniques such as diffusion, lenses and soft boxes.

Creamsource Plus is available in two sizes, the Doppio Plus and the Mini Plus. There is a choice of daylight, bi-color or tungsten on special order. The light comes with an extended warranty of three years as well as some attractive price reductions. Bundled accessory kits, including the Essential, Pro and Gaffer, are also available.

Outsight will also show the Creamsource Sky, the original high-power full spectrum soft-source that offers sophisticated color management and modern ergonomics. It provides 1200W of LED power and excellent color rendition, with a typical CRI of 95.

The light is also water resistant and comes in a rugged housing, making it ideal for location work as well as studio production.

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