ThinkAnalytics Unveils Concept UI for Optimized and Best Practice Recommendations

ThinkAnalytics, a provider of multiplatform TV search and recommendations engine products, will unveil MyThinkTV, a concept UI, at IBC 2014 (stand #1.D92). MyThinkTV helps service providers plan for future, recommendations-optimized UIs by letting them simulate the most comprehensive best practice set of use cases using their own metadata. These include similar/related content, moods, personalization and more. MyThinkTV is available now to ThinkAnalytics’ customers.

MyThinkTV frees service providers from the constraints of their existing UIs to showcase a range of display options that capitalize on the full capabilities of ThinkAnalytics’ Recommendations Engine. The concept UI supports all ThinkAnalytics’ advanced, personalized recommendations techniques and can be used to browse linear and VOD content.

Using MyThinkTV, service providers can run the gamut of ThinkAnalytics’ intelligent navigation and recommendations experiences, including: social integration (e.g. twitter trending and top lists), image, clip and trailer discovery; simulating learning based on consumption data; personalized browsing by genre; what’s on now/next/tonight’; personalized cast/crew filmography; series/episode navigation; and moods.

The concept UI works on web/PC, iPad and Android tablets and supports relevance and personalized search, multiple languages, multiple time zones and multiple types of user (e.g. set-top box, logged-in users, anonymous sessions).

“Adding recommendations as an integral part of the standard UI is becoming the norm - and something that a number of our customers have already successfully implemented, allowing them to reap the benefits with reduced churn, increased on-demand sales, and improved consumer satisfaction,” said Peter Docherty, Founder and Chief Technology Officer, ThinkAnalytics. “MyThinkTV provides our customers with a great concept UI that they can use to simulate different use cases using their own metadata. They can then use the results to help them design their next-generation UI – one in which recommendations will take center stage.”

ThinkAnalytics’ Recommendations Engine enables content providers, over-the-top providers and pay-TV operators to deliver highly personalized content recommendations that combine multiple sources of data (e.g. linear TV consumption, VOD, DVR, Web, tablets, mobile, social media, etc.) in 17 languages. The platform, available as a cloud-based or on-premise solution, is based on the industry’s most comprehensive data and text mining platform.

ThinkAnalytics recently received an Emmy® Award for Technology and Engineering from the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (NATAS).

ThinkAnalytics Recommendations Engine broadens customers' tastes with a unique personalized experience for live linear TV, VOD and over-the-top, delivered through multiple platforms including the set-top box, Web, IPTV, tablet, mobile, and more. ThinkAnalytics' technology services more than 130 million subscribers worldwide.

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