Manfrotto Introduces Limelite Mosaic2 LED Light

Manfrotto has announced the release of two new Mosaic2 LED panels from Limelite by Bowen. The panels come in daylight and bi-color options.

Manfrotto, the new distributor of Bowens and Limelite products in the United States, said the Mosaic2 LED Panels use 576 high fidelity LEDs, dimmable from 100-0 percent. They create 1×1 panels that are powerful and more color accurate than previous models.

The new panels are designed for video and broadcast work, both in studio and on location. They have optional battery mounting accessories.

Rear panel of Mosaic2.

Rear panel of Mosaic2.

Mosaic2 key features CRI 94/TLCI 94, ultra-bright LEDs (up to [email protected]) and high build quality with durable, lightweight metal body. The light is fully dimmable and user programmable. It comes with a pre-mounted AC adaptor and international cable kit for use anywhere in the world.

“These metal-bodied panels, which weigh in at just three pounds, create high levels of soft, flattering light that can be further shaped and controlled with our comprehensive range of accessories,” said Alan Walmsley, Bowens sales and marketing director.

“Mosasic2 can be controlled remotely via an external DMX mixer and multiple panels can be linked and used as a single panel.

The Mosaic2 Daylight LED Panel is available for $839.99, while the Mosaic2 Bi-Color LED Panel is priced at $999.99.

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