EditShare Offers Fast Turnaround Remote Editing

EditShare promises an upgrade to its MAM software Flow and new options for its XStream EFS shared storage product line.

EditShare innovation is offering customers immense versatility in the face of challenging technology and market changes,” said Martin Bennett, director of marketing. “Our solutions allow clients to leverage the best the cloud has to offer along with traditional ‘on-premise’ solutions, easing the complex transition into 4K multi-location, multi-team production workflows that are affecting media facilities of all sizes around the world today. And beyond our own technology, we are committed to an open platform, supporting key third-party solutions to help our customers maximise their specific workflows along with expanding their business opportunities.”

EditShare explains that it has used the engine of the Lightworks editor to create new editorial application EditShare Flow Story. Aimed at fast turnaround environments such as editorial, reality TV, news and sports, Flow Story provides remote and secure access to on-premise stored media directly through any internet connection.

“With unique finishing tools including integration with Audio Network, which allows users to browse and add MP3 audio files directly to their sequence, Flow Story provides users the ability to package content for finishing, delivery or playout,” says Bennett.

Announced at NAB and shown for the first time at IBC, the XStream EFS SSD comes in 8TB, 16TB and 24TB chassis configurations, scaling from single servers to multi-node clusters capable of providing many PBs of capacity. All configurations feature a single global namespace; storage capacity that can be upgraded; and Native Client connections that offer improved performance and availability when compared to SMB and AFP network protocols.

The new XStream EFS SSD system also seamlessly integrates with the Flow MAM and Flow modules, allowing users to log, track, search and retrieve 4K/UHD assets and metadata across media spaces.

EditShare has also added support for Aspera’s FASP accelerated transfer technology and seamless integration with leading QC solutions from Interra Systems and Vidcheck. For customers using Aspera’s FASP technology, the enhanced Flow workflow initiates, controls and monitors transfers of assets between local and remote Aspera servers. This capability can be automated for any workflow through the Flow Automation module.

Shown at IBC, the enhanced Flow QC workflow triggers and tracks QC processes with capabilities to automate 'next-step' tasks based on (pass/fail) QC verification reports. QC reports can also be stored in the Flow database as PDFs for fast and easy reference. 

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