Marquis Launches Parking V5 Business Continuity for Avid

Marquis Broadcast will be launching its range of Avid storage management products, Parking V5, at the IBC 2016. Workspace Parking Sync, the breakthrough product in their range, promises reliable backup solutions for editors when facing major outages during production.

Marquis Broadcast has announced Parking V5, their range of Avid storage management products, will be launched at IBC2016. Project Parking archives, moves and restores Avid projects and analyses and manages media to optimise edit storage utilisation. Project Parking is certified and supported by Avid and used around the world to help manage Avid edit storage.

“Marquis is the world’s first company to provide enterprise class business continuity for Avid Workspaces.”
Chris Steele, Managing Director

The Parking range also includes Workspace Parking, designed for editors. The program is a ‘set & forget’ disaster recovery solution for Avid workspaces, aimed at getting them back up and running in minutes. The Parking family of products backs-up and protects over 30 PetaBytes of both ISIS and NEXIS storage worldwide.

New functions in Parking V5 include the incorporation of Avid workspace synchronisation. Workspace Parking Sync allows entire workspaces or selected folders on a source Avid system to be synchronised to workspaces in a second location at the frequency chosen by the client. The program identifies changes on local workspaces, it pushes these to the remote system, including all file creations, modifications and deletions. Backup locations can be defined per job, instead of Workspace Parking instance, allowing users to create an exclusion list of file patterns.

“Ever shortening and demanding delivery schedules has meant the risk to a major post production business from IT failures or environmental hazards has become intensified to an almost un-insurable risk.”
Paul Glasgow, Sales & Marketing Director

Workspace Parking Sync offers an insurance policy against the loss of time in workspaces and assets facing major outages. The editor can continue production work in an identical workspace if their primary location fails.

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