Cool-Lux U3 Tri-Light Designed for Quick Change on Video Shoots

Cool-Lux’s U3 Tri-Light is a LED light for video situations when the operator has to change the light output quickly without using dimmers or altering color temperature.

Cool-Lux said the rugged DC U3 Tri-Light is built from a solid piece of T-60 aluminum extrusion to withstand heavy use in all kinds of terrain.

Users can decrease light output from long shots to mid-range and close-ups with a single flip of a switch. The light comes complete with two 35 watt flood lamps and one 20 watt spot.

The combined output for all three lamps is 1500 LUX. Turn off the spot and output drops to 700 LUX. Turn off one of the floods and output is reduced to 350 LUX.

Rear panel of Cool-Lux U3 Tri-Light

Rear panel of Cool-Lux U3 Tri-Light

The U3 comes complete with three lamps, rotating gel holder, daylight and diffusion gels and a four-pin XLR power cord. Each lamp has an individual on/off power switch and green LED to indicate which lamps are on.

A master switch turns all three lights on or off simultaneously. Users can install any combination of lamps to fit their individual shooting requirements.

The light is small and compact, with a size of 3 ¾ x 2 ⅞ by 3 inches, and weighs 12.5 ounces. An optional in-line dimmer is available. The price is $275.

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