​Cloud Storage for Exabyte Future

The volume of unstructured data – such as videos, social media posts, images, emails and customer details – is set to constitute 80 per cent of the 125 Exabytes of data generated by organisations in 2017, according to Ovum. Tata Communications has a solution.

Many industries are under increasing pressure to find new scalable and safe ways to store sensitive data. For example, owing to the adoption of 4K, there's an enormous amount of data generated in the media and entertainment industry. What may be needed is a new service that combines network connectivity, cloud storage and data security.

“As data volumes continue to skyrocket while data retention and sovereignty regulations across industries tighten, companies face three major challenges: cost, complexity and security,” says Genius Wong, president of Global Network, Cloud and Data Centre Services at Tata Communications. “IZOCloud Storage tackles each of these challenges in a simple yet ingenious way. Expanding our IZO platform with cloud storage capabilities is part of our mission to provide company's with the ability to manage every aspect of their cloud infrastructure as one.”

Tata says IZO Cloud Storage is “infinitely scalable... and, unlike with many existing solutions, businesses will not have to pay extra for accessing or modifying their data, ensuring predictability of storage costs.”

It claims that over 24 percent of the world’s internet routes travel over its network and that the company is the only Tier-1 provider rated in the top five by routes in five continents.

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