Tedial To Show Media And Business Process Management Tools At IBC 2016

Celebrating its 15th anniversary, Tedial, a developer of Media Asset Management (MAM) and IT solutions, will exhibit its latest solutions for efficiently processing large amounts content files at the upcoming IBC 2016 Show.

The MAM technology solutions provider will spotlight its Version Factory, a single workflow that supports millions of file input-to-output configurations all managed from a single operator screen, as well as its Evolution BPM (Business Process Management) workflow engine.

Tedial calls its Version Factory, “the world’s first true media factory workflow.” It’s designed to streamline automated operations by seamlessly interfacing to all types of content management rights and traffic systems. The Version Factory stacks chosen media engines (transcoders, quality control, DRM, CDN, etc.), employing SMPTE standardized designs creating future proof “N-input to N-output” operations. The result is the maximum flexibility and scalability for OTT/VOD platforms, network operations and media companies needing to manage a brand across multiple distribution formats.

Tedial's Evolution BPM is a media-centric workflow engine that leverages a suite of scalable media IT software modules that automate the preparation, movement and distribution of media.

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