Eleven Sports Network Singapore Installs Riedel STX-200 to Bring Skype Feeds Into Live Football

Eleven Sports Network Singapore is using a new Riedel Communications STX-200 caller interface to create an interactive experience for fans throughout its broadcasts of football matches.

The Riedel STX-200 allows Eleven Sports Network to bring Skype users at any match venue into the professional broadcast. As a result, the broadcaster can leverage unique user-generated content to further engage local fans into the broadcast.

The STX-200 is built on the professional Skype TX client developed by Microsoft and provides features and control options tailored for broadcast production. Enclosed within a ruggedized housing, the system features professional video interfaces including an SDI (SD/HD) input output along with a sync input. The client offers broadcast-grade audio interfaces including a two-channel, balanced analog audio XLR I/O along with SDI embedded audio. The STX-200 also features two GigE connections, two Display Ports, user interface via two Display Ports and USB ports for accessories, and GPIs.

Built-in automatic aspect ratio conversion streamlines the process of adapting and integrating Skype video into live broadcasts. Operators also can take full control over screen aspect ratios as needed. The Skype TX interface allows a single operator to preview and then monitor the quality of multiple calls. A still image of the speaker is the automatic default in the event that video quality levels drop below a set threshold.

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