Telestream’s ScreenFlow 6.0 Simplifies Screencasting

Telestream’s ScreenFlow screencast software makes a visual presentation out of screen images and moving video generated directly from your own computer, it lets you create visual communications that can benefit from the whole library of information stored in your personal database.

ScreenFlow offered by Telestream, is screencasting and video editing software made easy. Now in new version 6.0, it’s available for Macs running OS X from Telestream itself, through a channel of retailers, or on the Mac App Store.

It’s ideal for people creating online education courses, product tutorials and online training classes thanks to its intuitive learning curve.

“A lot of people like ScreenFlow’s streamlined interface in place of iMovie, or even Apple’s Final Cut Pro, for creating screencast presentations,” Lynn Elliot, manager of desktop product marketing at Telestream told The Broadcast Bridge , “and at $99 it is priced so that educators, executives, even high school coaches can easily afford it.

“We are even finding that many educators use ScreenFlow to ‘flip’ their classroom time,” she continued. “recording high quality video presentations for students to view for homework, thereby letting them use class time for more personalized learning.”

Of course, you can split, pan and crop all of your visual elements and insert transitions between them while adding background music, highlights and annotations.

“We have just included an animation features in the latest version 6.0 release”, Elliot said. “For example, with just a few clicks you can make a group of words or a graphic element drop to the bottom of the screen and look like it is bouncing with our ‘Gravity Motion’ animation option.”

If you want to include moving video, just drop an MPEG-4 or .MOV file right onto the timeline like any other element. These files can even be easily captured on a portable iOS device like an iPhone or on your own desktop using a simple Webcam. To bring your viewers along with the teaching process, you can add mouse click effects, adjust the mouse pointer size, and display any keys pressed during your screen recordings.

ScreenFlow’s “Publish to” menu automatically formats the output to suit any popular social media site.

ScreenFlow’s “Publish to” menu automatically formats the output to suit any popular social media site.

“Another key user group for ScreenFlow is app developers,” Elliot continues. “They create videos showing how their app works, then upload them to the App Store to interest users in their software.”

This is made especially easy through the “Publishing” feature that lets you automatically select the format needed for any of the online social media sites.

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