Etymotic Upgrades it’s High End, Professional Earphones

Etymotic Research has announced an upgrade to two models of its classic ER-4 insert earphones — the new ER4SR Studio Reference earphone and ER4XR Extended Response model.

For more than two decades, Etymotic Research’s ER-4S has been among the world’s most accurate high-fidelity, noise-isolating earphone. Because of this — and its 30-40 dB noise isolation — the ER-4S has remained largely unchanged.

Etymotic said the new models meet three new design goals. First, they provide greater accuracy in sound reproduction in the ER4SR Studio Reference earphone. Second, they offer a choice with the ER4XR Extended Response option that delivers a little more bass without sacrificing the overall quality of the listening experience. And, third, they have a durable cable that is user replaceable.

Etymotic Earphone Kit

Etymotic Earphone Kit

The ER4SR Studio Reference earphone improves the accuracy of the previous ER-4S model, while providing a significant improvement in sensitivity, making it more compatible with portable media players. It offers audio professionals and those wanting the ultimate in sound accuracy a new level of performance.

The ER4XR Extended Response earphone offers a modest bass boost, building on the original ER-4’s neutral sound, while providing a sound signature that some ER-4 users have requested.

“For 25 years we found no multiple-driver design that could match the accuracy of the ER4,” said Al Arends, Etymotic vp of sales and marketing. “Now, with the arrival of the ER4SR and ER4XR, the world’s most accurate earphone just got better.”

Priced at $349, both models feature precision-machined, anodized metal bodies and a one dB match between left and right channels across frequency with individual channel-matching performance charts provided with each pair of earphones.

The new earphones are now available.

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