Media Solutions Selects SAM Router For Pro A/V Presentations

Today’s audio-visual presentations, staged for a variety of corporations and commercial product launches, are among the most sophisticated productions, in terms of managing numerous audio and video files as well as controlling lighting and microphone levels. What’s needed is a broadcast-quality signal distribution infrastructure to make it all work.

Understanding this, Media Solutions, a company that specializes in corporate AV work, chose a Snell Advanced Media (SAM) Sirius 830 router to support the staging of a major event at the Blizzcon Expo (in Anaheim, Calif.) late last year. The project went so well that the company is now using the 288 x 288 frame size router across its myriad of projects.

Among the new features of the Sirius 830 router is the router’s Advanced Hybrid Processing (AHP), which helps operators manage channels independently — providing better control over every audio and video file. It’s available on every input and output, so there’s no need for external signal processing devices.

A member of the SAM Sirius 800 family, the 830 router offers a compact 288 x 288 I/O matrix frame that saves on power and space. It also features high performance crosspoint modules for the routing of SD, HD, ASI, 3Gbps and embedded audio signals, and supports future formats, including 4K.

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