Chimera’s TECH Multi Bracket and Lightbanks Bring Octabank Power to LED Panels

Chimera Lighting has announced the TECH Multi Bracket for mounting OctaTECH lightbanks on LED panels.

Until recently, Chimera said output from LED panels was only strong enough to work with smaller lightbanks. But due to technological advances, the intensity of light from LED fixtures has increased to the point where using them in concert with larger Octa lightbanks is now a viable solution. The result is an increase in the light aperture of the fixture.

This new style ring, the first of its kind, can accommodate square and horizontal LED panels from brands such as LitepanelsCineo and Arri SkyPanels.

Chimera designed a new five foot OctaTECH lightbank, addressing several key issues. The internal coating intensifies output strength and, in conjunction with the specially designed baffle, ensures even distribution of the light across the entire field.

Equally as important is the adapter’s design, which optimizes LED panels’ beam angle for further control.

Availability and pricing will be announced at a later date. 

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