Grass Valley and Cisco To Build Integrated Broadcast Solutions

Grass Valley and Cisco announced an agreement to develop broadcast IP workflow solutions. The agreement will enable the two companies to collaborate on the design and build of IP networking, virtualized computation and security solutions.

Key is the plan to develop a solution that combines the strengths of Grass Valley’s Broadcast Data Center architecture with Cisco Media Blueprint solutions comprising IP-based, virtualized, and media-aware network infrastructure and applications based on open IP standards.

Long-time broadcast and production equipment manufacturer, Grass Valley currently provides IP solutions for broadcasters and supports IP connectivity across its portfolio. Increasingly, broadcasters want to leverage the benefits of a traditional IT data center to gain the flexibility needed to grow and remain competitive. Grass Valley’s current solution suite is called the Broadcast Data Center. It enables broadcasters to enjoy the scalability, reliability and fault tolerance of an IT data center without losing broadcast-centric capabilities such as vertically accurate switching. Broadcast Data Center components such as GV Node and GV Convergent will be critical pieces of the collaboration with Cisco.

By combining expertise, Grass Valley and Cisco will be able to provide broadcasters with an integrated offering from playout to transport over IP. As broadcasters make the transition to IP, both companies are committed to creating solutions that solve the business problem of moving to IP without radically changing familiar workflows or saddling broadcasters with proprietary solutions that might add complexity and interoperability issues down the road.

Said Mike Cronk, senior vice president of strategic marketing for Grass Valley, "These are changing times, and broadcasters are looking for solutions that are powerful, yet interoperable and affordable. [By] working closely with Cisco to develop IP solutions, especially ones that rely on the new virtualized network core, [Grass Valley] will provide our customers with enormous benefits as they look to improve their existing workflows or build new greenfield sites that help them take advantage of new business models and distribution schemes.”

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