Field Report: Omnitek And Bitmax Ensure Top Quality Music Videos

Allowing a client the time to take an in depth look at your products in your own development HQ might be considered a risky strategy. Not for Omnitek whose complementary business strands offering consultancy services alongside award winning test and measurement systems provide a useful environment to work with a client to understand their workflow needs. Exploring all the possible configurations of a test and measurement workflow for an international music video distribution company was a vital element of the decision making process.

Omnitek prefers to work in such a consultative way whenever possible.Their work alongside standards agencies gives the company a useful 360 degree view of their impact on the various industry sectors in which the company operates. Giving advice and receiving feedback has helped keep Omnitek at the forefront of the rapidly development test and measurement industry.

When one of the world’s largest independent digital supply chain providers bitMAX was planning to upgrade their London facility they looked a number of test and measurement system suppliers before choosing Omnitek.

Tom Jones, broadcast consultant to bitMax UK, explained the issue facing the company in London. ‘Our offices in Los Angeles, NYC and London serve record labels, film and TV studios, digital stores and independent content creators. Our storage and delivery platform is responsible for the distribution of thousands of films, TV shows and more music videos than any other company on the planet Whether you are a film studio, distributor, indie filmmaker, or record label, bitMAX’s supply chain solution lets companies focus on the art of creating content by allowing us to deliver it to the world. Our client, with 850 users from around the globe, delivers media to either our LA facility or to bitMAX London via Aspera where this media goes through a first phase automation process to establish the file is coherent.Once that has been established the file is passed on to Omnitek for Broadcast QC ing.We are able to use the OTR 1001 QCtoolsetto QC our clients’ valuable assets to the highest standard.

bitMax looked at other suppliers, settling on Omnitek for a number of reasons. Principally we were drawn to the flexible configuration of the operators’ screens. We have to be able to change the layout of the screen at any stage of the working day in order to react to the constantly changing throughput of different styles of video content – from music videos to commercials.In this world of constantly changing and evolving formats we have to be able to react to technical developments without having to go start from scratch with any part of our workflow. With Omnitek test and measurement we know that part of our commitment to quality is sorted.

The first two Omnitek QC toolset units are in use at bitMAX’s new facility in Kings Cross London.The company has a third QC suite in Hollywood LA to handle their growing delivery and distribution workload around the world. bitMax say that they have plans for further QC suites across the group. Designed to handle all of the companies’ QC work the system is designed to handle HD and SD media plus just about every TV format & frame frequency meaning the company can handle material from a new supplier quickly and easily. Being able to be proactive in this market has been made possible by the consultative process employed by Omnitek in designing the bitMax workflow.Spending time with the client to understand the practicalities of the technical and editorial processes in the QC workflow has meant that bitMax are ready for whatever work comes their way.

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