Chrosziel Introduces Light Weight Support Shoulder Mount for Sony FS5 Camera

Chrosziel, maker of professional cine and digital accessories, has introduced a new Sony PXW-FS5 camera shoulder mount that provides optimum camera balance when handheld.

Chrosziel said the new Light Weight Support (LWS) 401-FS5 features a slim design with a sturdy and ergonomic shoulder pad that slides into a comfortable location for optimal balance on the shoulder.

The system also offers two 205mm-long 15mm rods, with a threaded insert for extension rods. The integrated Hirth rosettes provide mounting points for accessories such as Chrosziel Leather Handgrips. An integrated V-mount reliably affixes the camera to most quick-lock plates.

The LWS mounts to the camera base at several points for secure positioning. It can also be combined with the Chrosziel 19mm DigiCine Bridgeplate 401-F235, to provide support for large zoom lenses. Chrosziel’s LWS 401-FS7 provides similar functionality to the Sony PXW-FS7 camera.

The LWS 401-FS5 is now shipping. Chrosziel products are manufactured in Germany and distributed in the United States by Schneider Optics.

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