BenQ Debuts New PV3200PT 4K UHD Video Editing Monitor

BenQ has kept the comfort of the editor as high a priority as the accuracy of image reproduction in its new PV3200PT 4K UHD monitor based on the Rec. 709 High Definition color standard.

Nowhere in the production chain is color fidelity and image resolution more important than in the edit bay where people are known to work long and tedious hours. That’s why BenQ has brought out a new 32-inch PV3200PT monitor that not only provides color precision via 10-bit, 100-percent sRGB color, following the Rec. 709 standard, but also improves the human comfort of the editor’s eyes.

"With the PV3200PT's accurate color reproduction and Eye-Care technologies, editing professionals will be able to work more efficiently and comfortably relying on a powerful tool that beats competitive products in its price point," said J.Y. Hu, vice president, business line management at BenQ America Corp.

With their name reflecting their corporate vision of “Bringing Enjoyment and Quality to Life," BenQ has made the PV3200PT purpose-built for post production with four times the resolution of conventional full HD monitors while reproducing color tones with a Delta-E value of less than or equal to two. It features a 14-bit 3D Look Up Table (LUT) for improved RGB color blending resulting in improved color and gray tone reproduction.

In addition, by balancing brightness to a deviation and chromaticity less than 10 percent the monitor offers a consistent image across the entire display field.

Each PV3200PTis individually tested to verify its performance and features simple hardware and software user calibration that does not affect the graphics card data.

The PV3200PT's finger tip controller of its On Screen Data display lets editors keep their eyes on the screen while making adjustments to the image.

The PV3200PT's finger tip controller of its On Screen Data display lets editors keep their eyes on the screen while making adjustments to the image.

A special feature is the OSC (On Screen Data) that is addressed through a dedicated finger tip soft-button controller. Among adjustments of other image parameters, it offers pre-set custom modes that let the editor efficiently switch between Rec. 709, EBU and SMPTE-C color space standards.

PV3200PT monitor is also part of BenQ's Eye-Care line, which is designed to increase visual comfort while performing common computer tasks. For example, while conventional screens flicker at a rate of 200 times per second, BenQ's ZeroFlicker technology eliminates flickering at all brightness levels which reduces eye fatigue and provide a more comfortable viewing experience during prolonged sessions of computer use.

Of course, for further ergonomic conformity, the PV3200PT monitor has height, tilt, pivot and swivel adjustments.

BenQ's PV3200PT monitor is available now at BenQDirect

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