Electric Friends Introduces Studio Camera Robot with Seven-Axis Robotic Arm

Electric Friends, a new Norwegian-based manufacturer that has developed the next generation of robotic camera systems for broadcasters, and Ideal Systems, the largest systems integrator in Asia, have launched a new robotic studio camera system at BroadcastAsia2016.

Using a robotic control system with a seven-axis robotic camera arm, Electric Friends and Ideal Systems said the robot is operated through an intuitive control surface by which each camera axis can be manipulated by a touch screen with a live video underlay so that the operator gets instantaneous feedback.

The camera load weight is about 15 pounds. The device is TUV-certified to work in close proximity with people. No fencing or protection is needed in the studio. Electric Friends also makes a compatible teleprompter for use on the camera system.

Electric Friends designed and manufactured the robot, while Ideal Systems is a broadcast systems integrator handling its distribution through Asia. The new robotic system was developed for a variety of applications including studios, especially those with a space constraint, which addresses a big issue in Tokyo, Hong Kong and Singapore. It can also be used in outside broadcast and film production.

The companies said the new robot offers a giant leap forward in terms of productivity, flexibility and cost efficiency. It replaces a staffed jib or small crane and is ideal for repeated trajectory takes in news and sports studios.

Electric Friends provides various different hardware and software configurations suitable to any virtual or physical studio as well as outside broadcast. 

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