RTW Offers Audio Processor OEM Hardware For Loudness Control

RTW is now offering a new hardware-based audio processor, called the APRO-CLC01 for Continuous Loudness Control (CLC) that is designed for integrators looking to add loudness processing to their system designs.

The new RTW CLC feature enables engineers to use the company’s processing algorithm for continuous loudness and dynamic control of a live signal in their respective professional audio equipment.

Michael Kahsnitz, Head of Product Management, RTW, said the APRO-CLC01 was created to help integrators or processor manufacturers easily integrate RTW’s OEM-PCB within their proprietary hardware. It’s also invaluable for console manufacturers looking to implement audio processing quickly and with minimal effort. It will be up to the integrator to define the way a user can control and read back information from our processor.

The combination APRO-CLC01 provides the first OEM hardware for the CLC algorithm that RTW developed in cooperation with the German Institut für Rundfunktechnik (IRT). The CLC signal processing algorithm allows users to constantly control and regulate to a given program-loudness value, along with a definable loudness range with minimal obstacles for unknown, live content.

The major advantage of the complex adaptive morphing algorithm is its real-time capability. The CLC algorithm “learns,” during processing, about the dynamic structure and intention of the sound signal, and in turn adopts its processing constantly to predict what will come next.

“Another added benefit,” added Kahsnitz, “is users could have the ability to see otherwise hidden applications, giving them the option of modifying a dozen parameters via displays with numeric and graphic readings. In various other hardware devices, some of the applications do not give users a visual at all. This means the adjustment would be standard to the equipment and there is no way for the broadcaster or network operator to change anything. With RTW’s new APRO-CLC01, integrators now have the option to customize their experience, allowing broadcasters to see the OEM in action if they choose.”

As with all of RTW’s audio metering and additional equipment, APRO-CLC01 is compatible with EBU-R128 and all other major global loudness standard specifications.

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