VidOvation Promotes Wireless Solutions at 2016 NAB Show

VidOvation introduced several innovative new wireless digital video products providing a variety of solutions for TV news and sports field production, as well as for internal video communications.

VidOvation introduced two new AVIWEST DMNG products, the DMNG PRO and the DMNG Laptop, for the Apple MacBook Pro. VidOvation is the US master distributor for AVIWEST.

The DMNG PRO bonded cellular video transmission system offers the industry’s highest processing power for bonded cellular with bit rates of up to 20 Mbps. It also includes a second high-bit-rate encoding engine for high resolution video recording and an ASI output. It can bond up to 8 cellular modems into an Internet access point.

The MacBook Pro is preferred by many TV journalists. AVIWEST DMNG Laptop runs on it.

The MacBook Pro is preferred by many TV journalists. AVIWEST DMNG Laptop runs on it.

The DMNG Laptop software provides H.265/AVC and H.265/HEVC encoding for high-quality video streaming on a MacBook Pro. It reduces the amount of gear needed for newsgathering, and supports live streaming, file transfer via various networks, and storage.

Both the DMNG PRO and DMNG Laptop are fully integrated with the AVIWEST DMNG Manager and DMNG StreamHub receiver, decoder and distribution platform. DMNG Manager enables users to receive content, monitor, manage and control all DMNG transmissions with a single interface.

VidOvation announced Paducah KY NBC affiliate WPSD recently expanded their field newsgathering capabilities with the AVIWEST DMNG PRO 180 3G/4G bonded cellular transmission system.

New 60 GHz link can resolve last-mile fiber challenges.

New 60 GHz link can resolve last-mile fiber challenges.

60 GHz links

VidOvation also introduced the VidOwave 60G 750 PA, an advanced 60 GHz millimeter-wave broadband and wireless data connectivity solution. It delivers low latency, full duplex Gigabit Ethernet transport, at speeds up to 1.25 Gbps in a small form factor. The 60 GHz wireless links have 7 GHz of allocated spectrum bandwidth, advanced intelligence, and comprehensive Ethernet switching.

It features a fully integrated dual-port Gigabit E switch and integrated low-latency forward error correction (<50 us) for reliability. Line-of-sight wireless connections up to 750 meters are possible and units can be daisy-chained for longer hops. It is designed for IP video streaming and transport, connecting LANs between buildings, and extending fiber backbones.

VidOvation TV is a facility-based IPTV solution.

VidOvation TV is a facility-based IPTV solution.

IPTV solution

VidOvation TV is a comprehensive, end-to-end IPTV solution that bundles DirecTV content with digital rights management (DRM), video on demand (VOD) and digital video recording (DVR), that enables streaming to the full range of consumer devices and set-top boxes. Facilities can use VidOvation TV to deploy internal channels to communicate, train, and guide employees. It is particularly useful for delivering timely, closed-circuit instructions during critical emergencies.

The solution delivers digital TV programming directly to employees’ smartphones, tablets, desktop players, and smart TVs, allowing scheduled recording and time-shift viewing.

Long-range wireless

At the 2016 NAB Show, the company also added two new products in its VidOlink family of long-range transmitters, the VidOlink Ranger2 and the VidOlink Tally & Control. The Ranger2 transmits wireless HD video up to two miles, using COFDM to transport video on the 5.8 GHz band. The Tally & Control unit uses the 403-473 MHz band to add a wide range of tally and camera control (CCU) functions to new or existing wireless cameras.

VidOvation also introduced three new long-range transmitter models, the VidOlink Reacher 400, Reacher 1000, and Reacher 2000. The numbers indicate the number of feet, respectively, the systems can reliably transmit HD-SDI and HDMI video with near-zero latency, making them ideal for sports production.

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