Ikan Introduces New Lyra LED Soft Light

Ikan has introduced its new Lyra Soft Light, a fixture that has high CRI/TLCI chip LEDs paired with a a half-stop soft diffusion panel which gives the light a soft wrapping quality.

Ikan said the new lighting series creates a nice, clean shadow. The Lyra line includes the Lyra Daylight LED Half x 1 Soft Light (LW5), the Lyra Bi Color LED Half x 1 Soft Light (LB5), the Lyra Bi-Color LED 1 x 1 Soft Light (LB10) and the Lyra Daylight LED 1 x 1 Soft Light (LW10).

The brightness of the Lyra lights is consistent across all color temperatures, whether Bi-color or Daylight, and requires no need for diffusion. The 110-degree wide beam angle also allows for one fixture to light a larger area.

The bright soft light gives off a clean shadow without any micro shadows, requiring no modification for a smooth and easy setup. The yoke’s strong steel tension knobs can securely lock the light in place at any angle.

Ikan Lyra Soft Lights

Ikan Lyra Soft Lights

On the back, the large yellow control knob lets users adjust the light’s brightness, color temperature and DMX channel(s) with a few clicks and the LED readout provides precise measurements for reference.

Battery flexibility is guaranteed with (both) AB & V-Mount pro battery plates included. Lyra Soft Light can be plugged into wall outlets practically anywhere thanks to its maximum 40 watts at 0.3 amps.

The lights are priced between $419 and $839.00.

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