Cobalt Digital Announces New Fiber Optic Blue Box Converters

Cobalt Digital has announced updates and additions to its Blue Box family of fiber interface converter boxes.

Cobalt Digital said the MK2 is the second generation of fiber optic Blue Box units. The MK2 supports Cobalt's BBGConfig software for setup and status monitoring over USB and includes six models of single, dual and HDMI throwdown fiber-converters.

Another new addition is the BBG-SFP-SXH reconfigurable video SFP throwdown box. This Blue Box unit has a 3G/HD/SD-SDI-selectable input or output with external SFP cage and HDMI and stereo analog audio output.

A range of SFPs will be available for this box, making it a flexible platform. Like all of the other new fiber Blue Box converters, the BBG-SFP-SXH supports the Cobalt BBGConfig application.

"The mini-converters in our Blue Box Group series already offered high-quality design, function and reliability in a small package," said Bob McAlpine, executive vice president of sales and marketing at Cobalt Digital. "Now, with MK2 and the SFP box, we've brought this family of throwdown converters and processors to a new level of flexibility and functionality."

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