Cobalt Digital Adds New openGear Fiber Cards

Cobalt Digital has released two new fiber cards for the openGear modular terminal gear system.

Cobalt Digital said the 9410DA Series of 3G/HD/SD-SDI single-channel, dual-channel, and transceiver fiber cards provides up to 40 channels of 3G/HD/SD-SDI extension in two rack units.

The 9410DA card modules include several distribution amplifier outputs on both the transmit and receive sides of the link. Up to ten coaxial DA outputs are available per card.

Because of the cards' high-density, low-power design and high-density split rear, module users can install up to 20 cards in a frame — providing 40 channels of EO conversion and up to 180 coaxial DA outputs.

Receive performance allows coaxial receive EQ for 1694A cable at lengths to nearly 400 feet for 3G and 524 feet for HD. Full status and control access is available locally or across a standard Ethernet network via DashBoard or Cobalt's remote control panel.

The 9415DA-SFP Series of configurable dual-path transport cards are equipped with an external SFP cage on the rear module. This arrangement allows the user to pull the openGear card out from the front of the chassis while keeping the SFP and cabling in place.

The user can also hot-swap the SFP module from the rear for maintenance or to repurpose the card for different signal types. This flexible SFP design supports 3G/HD/SD-SDI single-channel, dual-channel and transceiver modes.

It can also be configured for dual CVBS/composite analog transport, HDMI transport or MADI extension. Assignable distribution amplifier outputs are standard on both EO and OE cards.

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