TVU Networks Launches New Solutions and a Partnership

TVU Networks’ 2016 NAB Show exhibit showcased its solutions for live video acquisition, delivery and streamlining workflow for TV broadcasters. The company also made a number of announcements and product introductions.

TVU Networks is best known for its solutions such as TVU Grid, an IP-based switching, routing and distribution video solution; the lightweight and portable TVU One cellular live video transmitter; the fixed-mounted TVU MLink for ENG vans; the TVUMe online video content marketplace; and the TVU Anywhere app that turns an iPhone or Android device into a live video transmitter. The company demonstrated these and several new solutions and ideas at the 2016 NAB Show.

TVU Networks solutions are a popular transport for live sports updates

TVU Networks solutions are a popular transport for live sports updates


TVU RPS allows for the production of a live, multi-camera program in a remote location using mainly a broadcaster’s existing control room in their studio and a public Internet connection from the field. The TVU RPS transmitter encodes up to four synchronized SDI sources and transmits high-quality and low-latency IP video from the remote location to a studio-based receiver. The receiver outputs four synchronized SDI channels. It also provides a low-latency, return video feed from the studio to the field as well as IFB. Control and metadata data can be sent to and from the remote site, including teleprompter, tally light, GPS and location specific metadata such as scoring information.

TVU Alert

Reporting on breaking news as it happens can make or break a station's reputation. TVU Alert allows any user on the system to create a short alert and send it to other TVU users -- reporters, directors, management and technical staff -- with the push of a button. Alerts can be customized and sent to individuals, devices or to entire groups in the network.

For example, a technical director can send specific instructions to camera operators via their TVU Anywhere-enabled mobile devices. They can engage in a two-way chat. For group alerts, any number of users can be included in a group, and alert messages are only viewable by group members.

TVU Command Center

This new cloud-based solution provides a centralized management control of all TVU devices and systems within a group remotely from anywhere. It features a robust set of tools including the full control of TVU transmitter and receiver functions, including latency, bit-rate and Geo-locate, a GPS-based map view of all powered TVU transmitters.

It also provides full control over all TVU Grid video content switching, routing and distribution, and supports TVU Analytics for full monitoring of data usage, including pre-set alerts for data usage thresholds.

TVU Command Center also allows IP video sources to be added or deleted, transmit and output to a third party website or content delivery network (CDN) such as Akamai, YouTube Live, and Ustream. Video clips from TVU transmitters can be easily downloaded and managed from a central point, and edited clips output to FTP or multiple video sources such as CDNs.

The image source for the TVU VR demonstration was on a mast in the TVU exhibit.

The image source for the TVU VR demonstration was on a mast in the TVU exhibit.

VR 360

TVU Networks also announced the first IP- and cellular-based live virtual reality transmission solution. TVU VR can stream live VR content from anywhere, even in a moving environment like a car or train. It delivers a true and convincing feeling of being teleported to the actual location.

TVU VR sends live, ultra-high definition, full frame rate, 360-degree fully immersive video to any VR headset. The TVU VR transmission solution is platform agnostic. It can deliver video to all major VR platforms including Google Cardboard, Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, HTC Vive and others.

Strategic Partnership

TVU Networks and Unilumin Group announced the formation of a strategic partnership between the companies. Shenzhen, China-based Unilumin Group is a major manufacturer of large 4K LED displays featured in broadcast studios and major outdoor events worldwide. Together, the companies anticipate the strategic partnership will help both better serve existing customers and expand into new markets.

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