Ooyala Flex Streamlines Video Production and Distribution

The media logistics solution offers media companies complete control and visibility across their entire video production workflow, reducing costs, complexity and improving collaboration.

Ooyala, has introduced Ooyala Flex, a media logistics solution for broadcasters, studios, publishers, and brands to modernize and speed video production workflows. Formerly known as MioEverywhere, Ooyala Flex is now available as part of Ooyala’s comprehensive suite of data-driven video delivery and monetization products.

Ooyala Flex maximizes the efficiency of video production teams under pressure to create and deliver more content to multiple audiences and across platforms, formats and devices. Relying on IP-based workflows, the modular and highly flexible solution connects historically siloed production teams and dissimilar technologies to create a more collaborative, unified and efficient environment that expedites content production and distribution times while lowering costs.

The media logistics solution brings together workflows, asset management and analytics, going well beyond a traditional media asset manager. Ooyala Flex is fully composable, and can integrate with existing technology investments already in place, whether on-premise or cloud-based. There is no need to uproot current infrastructure or daily processes – Ooyala Flex connects all the separate systems and tools, as well as the valuable data they contain, resulting in a fine-tuned and uniform architecture.

The solution integrates with all leading transcoding, quality control, delivery, archiving and storage solutions from companies including Amberfin, Amazon Web Services, Elemental, Harmonic, Interra, Telestream and many others. It also includes native plug-ins with premium production tools such as Adobe Premiere and Adobe Prelude. Ooyala Flex’s rich set of integrations enables workflow orchestration and data exchange between third-party tools.

As an asset, and the subsequent renditions of an asset, flows from one task to another, Ooyala Flex automatically carries over all metadata and comments across teams. It does this without specific editors or task managers having to log into a different system or even leave specific tools, such as editing software.

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