​Zixi Introduces Live Linear Service

Zixi has introduced a Live Linear Managed Service to provide broadcasters and content owners with an alternative to fibre and satellite contribution.

“Content owners, MVPDs and OTT service providers need an economical alternative to existing delivery options, and can now leverage Zixi’s Live Linear Managed Service to meet these challenges” said Yaron Simler, Zixi CEO. “Major consumer distribution platforms have come to Zixi to use our platform to make it easy for their partners to contribute and for them to aggregate this live content. These include top 20 rated cable networks and niche networks across the globe. All rely on Zixi for the reliable, secure, real time, easy and cost effective management and transmission of their Live event and live linear networks to OTT consumer platforms, OTT service providers and MPVDs.”

Capable of delivering a single channel or a bouquet of channels, Zixi provides “cost effective and proven contribution, aggregation and distribution options without compromising quality.” The new service offers a variety of delivery, redundancy, monitoring and up-time options with a simple and fast set-up.

Zixi Managed Services includes a Live Event service which supports the contribution, management, monitoring and distribution of live content from the venue to the end point. Leveraging what the firm calls its 'EcoZystem' of integrated cameras, encoders, and decoders, Zixi Live Event services “simplifies the complexity of IP workflows and provides migration to cloud content management, processing and distribution with broadcast quality service levels.”

“Live event production is challenging, and delivering live events over IP can seem operationally intimidating,” stated Eric Bolten, VP of Zixi Managed Services. “Zixi’s Live Event managed service offers a way to significantly simplify live production delivery over IP with a cloud management, processing, and distribution platform that is end to end. This managed service is proven having now managed hundreds of live events, all delivered securely on a scalable high availability cloud platform. We are taking what was once very complicated and simplifying it with our proven platform and our live event IP delivery experience.”

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