Domo Preview 1080p60 RF Transmitter

Domo Tactical Communications (formerly Cobham) launch the SOLO7-OB Tx camera-back transmitter, a 1080p60 solution. It is able to combine three data streams in a single bi-directional link and is being demonstrated doing so on the NAB showfloor in what the vendor claims is a world’s first.

The unit has integrated camera control and swappable RF modules. It is able to work at 4:2:2 chroma and does H.264/MPEG-4 AVC video encoding. Its latency ranges from 1s to an ultra-low 10ms and fits directly onto the back of an ENG type camera.

At NAB this is being demoed with a bi-directional link using MIMO IP Mesh technology firing 26 Mbit/s in combination with a Sony HDC-P1 camera mounted on a remote-controlled pan and tilt head. The unit takes HD-SDI from the camera, encodes the audio and video data to IP, and transmits it wirelessly to Domo’s MIMO IP Mesh system.

“Because IP Mesh provides an exceptionally high bit rate for bi-directional IP links, we can transmit A/V data one way while camera control and remote control data travels the other for control of pan and tilt, plus camera control data for colours, iris, etc. within the camera,” explains  Domo's broadcast sales director, JP Delport.

“Typically, this would require three separate frequencies, but with the SOLO8 SDR and IP Mesh combination, it is three data streams in a single bi-directional link, which makes the entire remote camera and control system completely wireless. This is a genuine first.”

There are a variety of ways to bring 4K to TV screens in the RF domain. Delport believes it will require the adoption of a new encoding algorithm, which will be H.265 or HEVC.

“If we want to do 4K in H.264 it’s possible that that amount of data could be modulated with our MIMO (multiple input/multiple output) technology over a wireless link. But it seems to me the obvious way to go is DVB-T2 with an H.265 encoder, which is where we are heading. Our current latency is one frame. Anything more than that would just not be suitable for 4K. Until we’re 100 per cent sure that we can have a 4K wireless camera at the side of a football field that has one frame or less of latency, there’s no point.”

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