Klover Introduced Equalized “Natural” Sound for Parabolic Microphones at 2016 NAB

Klover Products, a maker of parabolic microphones, introduced a custom equalized microphone that provides a natural sound directly out of their parabolic microphone systems.

Klover said the new parabolic mic capsule was built for the company by Countryman Assocites, based on their popular, water-resistant B3 line of microphones.

Klover’s Paul Terpstra said his company also demonstrated a new accessory bracket for the Klover nine-inch parabolic mic. This bracket allows the mounting of two shoe-mount accessories at the base of the parabolic without an accessory bar.

MiK 26 Parabolic Mic

MiK 26 Parabolic Mic

Klover also released the new “TE” version of the Klover MiK 26 — a 26-inch parabolic mic. The front flange of this new version is shaped slightly differently so that it can fit in a Pelican style case or a smaller shipping container.

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